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Heythuysen, 03-07-2017

“Simplicity is a good virtue”

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Thijs Hendriks on 3 July 2017. After a short illness he passed away, much too young, at the age of 60.

Thijs was one of four brothers, who jointly run turf growing company Hendriks Graszoden. Wil Hendriks already passed away in 2012.

Thijs was a modest and self-effacing person, a man of few words, who liked to keep in the background, but a big player in the technological field. Always thinking about how to make things better, searching, developing, testing and, eventually, coming up with something new, ensuring that Hendriks Graszoden kept well ahead in the market but also making/changing things in such a way that it enabled staff to work easier and more efficiently. Managing the lads and supporting them with repairs.

Thijs had a very analytical mind, he was very good with his hands, and his knowledge of grass was immense. A unique combination allowing him to make many innovations. His workshop was a breeding ground for many innovations. Machines such as the RoboMax and the unique Big Rolls system are well-established in the market, benefiting the industry worldwide.

Thijs was a social person, liked to keep things simple, had an opinion of his own, was dedicated to the company, proud of the company, and, of course, also of his wife Doortje and his family.

We will miss Thijs as a well-respected, strong person, his presence, knowledge and experience and remember him fondly for his dedication and commitment to the company

Thijs occupied a special place in the family and he will leave a great void behind.

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