Hybrid turf

hybride-inzanden-2hybride-leggenWith this system the natural grass grows in a woven – partly biologically degradable – backing consisting of woven pollen plastic fibres which make the natural grass stronger, better and more durable. The result is a perfect combination between the playability of natural grass and a top layer with greater resistance to wear.

When speed is the essence, Hendriks Graszoden is able to cultivate hybrid turf on demand. The cultivation process lasts only 2 or 3 months and within a couple of days after installation the pitch is ready to be played on. This has huge advantages for clubs that wish to change their turf, fully or in part, during the season.

The result

A well developed turf, which is fully interwoven with the artificial turf fibre and which has an excellent drainage capacity.


Top clubs also opt for the Hendriks quality