Within 24 hours a new playable pitch

New returfing techniques, the development of machines fit for that purpose, lighter work and cost-saving automation have led to obvious quality improvement resulting in a new pitch which is playable within 24 hours.



The Hendriks Graszoden Group uses a special milling machine to remove the old turf. The advantage of this is that the field can be prepared fast, efficiently and cost-effectively for the new turf.
If you prefer, we can also work together with your existing business partners to deliver a turnkey project.
To retain the quality of the turf, it is essential that the turf is kept in a rolled-up condition for as short a time as possible. This can be achieved thanks to our method of ‘just in time’ harvesting and installation.
By rolling up the turf in plastic, we prevent the bottom of the turf from coming into contact with the grass. The result will be a soccer pitch with a clean and fresh-green appearance, immediately after installation.


Installing the turf

legmachine-beste-is-beter-gewordenThanks to our specially designed turf laying machines and our extensive experience, we are able to lay the turf fast, accurately and seamlessly.
Turf sizes:
Fixed width ...... 1.20 / 2.40 m
Length of ..........12 to 30 m
Thickness of .....20 to 40 mm.
The lengths may be customised to meet your requirements. An experienced team ensures fast and accurate installation of your pitch.

Ready for kick-off!

Top clubs also opt for the Hendriks quality