Quality standard

Grass sports fields seriously affect the playability of the surface.
Preliminary soil investigation and inspection of the top layer is essential to ensure compliance with the criteria of DIN 18035/4 when installing a grass pitch.


The turf laid must have a substructure with the same texture to prevent a disruptive layer.
As you can see in the enclosed graph, we have had each cultivation field investigated by an independent consultancy so that we can be confident about the quality we aim for.

The red line in the graph on the left shows that the water permeability is much better than it would be with conventional cultivation methods (red dotted line). This results in a denser root structure, increased aeration capacity and, generally, a healthier turf.



Left: Sandwich structure
    - High humus content
    - Poor water permeability
    - Sensitive to disease

Right: Good homogenous structure
    + Higher water permeability
    + Better oxygen balance
    + Healthier grass plants         

Top clubs also opt for the Hendriks quality